No Consequence Streaming New Album Vimana

Basick Records representatives No Consequence recently teased their new album Vimana with the release of the beautiful single, “Speechless”. Now that the album is out there for purchase, you can stream the whole thing in it’s entirety. If the back catalogue of Basick is not something you’re familiar with then start with this. This group of young musicians blend the proficiency of tech metal with the catchy hooks of Architects. If, however, you are already a fan of the label or this band, you don’t need much more incentive to get over the jump and check out the full stream.

Vimana is rife with sweet, clean vocals and giant grooves. Enough so that this young lot can be lofted up with the previously mentioned Architects. Some will scoff at this suggestion, especially coming from someone who predominantly deals with the disgusting stuff here at Heavy. Vimana encapsulates the Basick attitude and keeps it fresh with an exuberance you only find in a young band; a band not resting on the laurels of their peers. I caught this lot with Murdock and Monuments recently and they sounded huge. Both old and new material took the roof off the basement venue. Forward thinking, fun and furiously catchy, I’m surprised I enjoy this so much. If you can’t bop your head along to this then I dunno. Maybe just, lighten up. Ya jerk.



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