We reported earlier this year that Mutoid Man, the supergroup featuring Stephen Brodsky of Cave In and Ben Koller of Converge, were at GodCity Studio with Kurt Ballou recording their debut full-length album, which was cause for some massive hype, seeing as how their Helium Head EP was 13 minutes of perfection. Well, make some room in your pants for an even bigger hype boner, because Mutoid Man has released a brand-spankin’-new video of them performing a brand-spankin’-new song at GodCity Studio. Check it out after the jump!



The song is called “Bridgeburner,” and it’s set to appear on the band’s upcoming full-length, which is scheduled for release this Summer through Sargent House Records. Unsurprisingly, the song is awesome, kicking off with a killer bass riff courtesy of newly added bassist Nick Cageao before leading into a whirlwind, Brodsky-penned riff and a Ben Koller drum stampede, at which point furious headbanging commences on the listener’s part. The addition of Cageao has added a new dimension to the band’s songwriting, and “Bridgeburner” is still very much in line with the fast-and-furious approach the band took on Helium Head, which is a good thing indeed.

Not many details have been revealed yet about the album, but we do know that Santos is doing the artwork, who did the art for Helium Head as well as the past two Torche full-lengths, among others. He’s a killer illustrator, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with! We’ll keep you up to date with all the latest Mutoid Man happenings; in the meantime, give Helium Head a spin below.

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