KEN mode are a bunch of playful teases and we love it. The Canadian noise rock/noise metal darlings have released the fourth track from their oh so close yet still so far album Success, out next month. You can bet your lumberjack boots that “Dead Actors” (streaming at several locations, including Brooklyn Vegan and Invisible Oranges) is another departure from the chaotic rumblings that everyone has become to used to. The diversity and depth of material that this band can produce is stupefying and salacious. Don’t take my word for it though, get over the jump ay-sap and ply your earholes with this goodness.

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Mogwai. First band that springs to mind after listening to this trickling, beautiful mixture of spoken word and well placed anger. The best of what Scotland has to offer (other than yours truly, noitch) can’t hold a candle to the new music we’ve heard from this lot. Pretty bold statement I know but I mean it. “Blessed” is anthemic and abrasive, “These Tight Jeans” brings a cheeky playfulness into the mix and “Management Control” cant help but poke fun at everything. Now, “Dead Actors” throws a bit of all of these new avenues into six minutes of sinfully enjoyable music.

Preorders are still available (looks like some are running out though!) at this here location.



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