kenmodeWinnipeg’s KEN mode have been one of the most consistently exciting and creative groups in the realm of metallic-hardcore for the past five years or so, and the hype for their upcoming record Success is just too real. After seeing their amazing cover art, knowing it was produced by sound guru Steve Albini and hearing their crushing first single “Blessed,” this band is looking to drop a serious contender for the album of the year. Now you can hear yet another new song, too! Check out “These Tight Jeans” below!

The band really seem to be approaching new styles and sounds not previously explored on Entrench or Venerable, going for an even rawer and rock-driven sound. The call-and-response chorus between Jesse Matthewson and guest Jill Clapham is catchy as hell, the riffs have a bit of swing of them, and it’s not quite the exercise in advanced time-signature mathematics that fans have come to expect over the years. KEN mode now sound like The Foo Fighters if Dave Grohl actually knew how to write good punk songs anymore. Hails!



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