We’re only a month away from the release of KEN mode’s sixth album, Success, which will inevitably be one of the finest slices of noisy rock you’ll hear in 2015. We here at Heavy Blog have been posting each and every new song that the band has offered us so far (if you haven’t checked out “Blessed” and “These Tight Jeans” I don’t know what you’ve been doing with your life). It looks like the boys from Winnipeg are back again with yet another new track and another new direction for the album to go in. Check out “Management Control” below:

Each song that’s come out so far for Success has been pretty different than most things the band has been working on for their entire career. While the group has often been lumped in with the metalcore scene, there’s little of that left with “Management Control,” a song that has much more in common with early 90s indie rock and hardcore punk. Jesse Matthewson doesn’t sound nearly as furious as he has before, but he sounds more confident than ever, delivering vocal performances that are as colorful and sarcastic as the album cover itself. With these three songs being premiered ahead of time, it’s looking like this could be KEN mode’s most dynamic and well-rounded record to date. You can preorder the new album here.


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