If you don’t like iwrestledabearonce you are probably getting sick and tired of seeing them pop up all over Heavy Blog over the last few weeks. With a new album out in a month you can bet this won’t be the last you see of them either. Suck it up and deal because the band have released the first official video from Hail Mary, their Artery Recordings debut. “Gift Of Death” is ready for your wicked eyes after the jump.


Alternative Press have the exclusive, those lucky dogs. After mulling over the first two tracks these miscreants released, I came to the conclusion that although most of the ADHD nature of their sound has long since disappeared, I actually really enjoy the new material. “Gift Of Death” is no different and in fact blows the first two tracks out of the water. The Danza riffs and breakdowns are tight, there are some creepy vocals that pop in and out and the familiar guitar abuse is still there to be enjoyed. I 100% take back what I said about iwrestledabearonce not being able to bring crushing heaviness to the table. The video itself is pretty slick too; lasers and slow mo jumps are always going to be cool, no matter what.

Again, if my words have convinced you enough to preorder Hail Mary then get it here. Go on. Do it.


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