He Is Legend – White Bat

Holy return to form Batman! Ever since 2009’s outstanding It Hates You, He is Legend’s albums have yielded increasingly diminishing returns – with the title of their previous offering, 2017’s Few, perfectly predicting how many people would wind up taking an interest in it. The once extremely promising act seemed…

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Black Coast Go Black (And White) With “Ill Minds” Video

There’s something timeless about a good old-fashioned black and white music video. You can probably think of ten off the top of your head. Eschewing colour and frivolity, the grainy, gritty monochrome video doesn’t take away from the heart and heft of the track behind it, giving the music a visual aid that never overpowers the riff. Today, we’re psyched to bring you a brand new video, in this style, from one of the UK’s brightest new ‘core bands, Black Coast. Don’t expect a narrative or outlandish concept, as previously mentioned this is a no fuss view of the band in their element – playing riffs in the dark and being moody as fuck.

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Servers – Leave With Us

In an age when an embattled music industry has sucked up hit after hit, record labels and their artists have found solace in the art of advertising. A brash band t-shirt, a solid tour slot, an enticing line of blurb, one fanatical album review in the right place and a strong social media presence.

GWAR Unveil New Guitarist, Pustulus Maximus

Everybody’s favourite intergalactic scumdogs GWAR are back on their feet again, following the tragic passing of guitarist Flattus Maximus (or Cory Smoot) this time last year. Details have slowly been emerging about his successor, who comes in the form of fellow Maximus clan member Pustulus Maximus (Brent Purgason of Cannabis Corpse, to his…

Meet Axe Wound, Featuring Members Of Cancer Bats, Bullet For My Valentine And Pitchshifter

[youtube= Axe Wound are the latest ‘supergroup’ to come out of the woodwork, comprising of members of Cancer Bats, Bullet For My Valentine, Pitchshifter, Rise To Remain and Glamour Of The Kill which will either fill you with complete dread or cautious optimism depending on your musical tastes (honestly, I had no idea…