the colour line 2015

In 2013, we introduced our new free compilation series with Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One. It was a good blend of genres we enjoy here at Heavy Blog, but it contained a handful of up-and-coming hardcore bands from the UK. Since then, one of our favorite indie labels Basick Records has signed not one, but TWO acts from the compilation. Not to toot our own horn, but Basick has just proven that we’re on the cutting edge of talent scouting here. Other labels, take note: our staff-curated compilations feature A+ potential signees ripe for the picking. Even Relapse Records agrees!

Earlier this year, Murdock were picked up by the label and announced that they would be releasing their much anticipated debut album Dead Lung on April 13th. Now, a second Heavy Comp Alumni, The Colour Line, has joined the Basick ranks and will release a new album later this year!


Mathcore will never not be awesome, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. The Colour Line are keeping that early Architects / The Dillinger Escape Plan sound alive and doing it great justice. Proggy as all hell and packed with riffs (their self-released EP was called Riff City, for fuck’s sake), The Colour Line are a band you need to be paying attention to in 2015 and beyond. Of course, if you downloaded our debut compilation, you’d know this already.

The Colour Line’s debut record The Long Awaited Seal Of Disapproval will be out this Summer. In the mean time, get a leg up on potential Basick signees for 2016 by checking out 2014’s Heavy Comp Volume Two here

– JR


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