Last year, we unveiled our very first compilation album, appropriately titled Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume One. This year, we decided to keep in tradition of reaching out to artists we know and love (that you may have missed out on!) and bring the gift of free music to our readers once again this Christmas.

Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Two is more ambitious than its predecessor, sporting 25 tracks spanning a selection of grind, hardcore, death metal, prog, black metal, post-rock, and avant garde that saw release throughout 2014 (and in one case, beyond). There’s bound to be something for everyone, and hopefully you’ll come across a band you’ve never heard before that will remain firmly on your radar going forward.

Click through after the jump to check out the featured tracklist and stream and/or download the compilation via our official Bandcamp page.

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1950357029 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=9a64ff tracklist=false artwork=small]


01. The Crinn – Burn the Widow (Exclusive Premiere!)
02. Sectioned – Prodigal Scum
03. Lesser Animal – Living Hell (Ceremony Cover) (Exclusive Premiere!)
04. Sockweb – Bunny
05. Aminals – Rope
06. Separatist – Ω
07. Mechanigod – Mirror’s Aspect
08. Eldrimner – Ett Andetag För Två
09. Cormorant – Daughter of Void
10. Noneuclid – Across The Mist Of Broken Glass
11. Moloken – Seventh Circle (Exclusive Premiere!)
12. The Matador – Pangaea
13. An Autumn For Crippled Children – try not to love everything you destroy
14. Danimal Cannon – Red Planet
15. NYN – Reborn In Apathy
16. SERDCE – Samadhi
17. Lorelei – Masque
18. Schizoid Lloyd – Suicide Penguin
19. A Sense Of Gravity – Spectre
20. Viking Guitar – Death is the Road to Awe
21. Mega Beardo – Blue Burrr (ft. Stemage and Viking Guitar)
22. Stemage – Star Bit Soufflé
23. VIKING JESUS – So Cduno
24. Weightless in Orbit – Dialogue (Far Behind)
25. Outrun the Sunlight – And Every Glance Given Has Only One Meaning

Happy holidays!


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