If you’ve been paying close enough attention, you can now hear half of Torche‘s soon-to-be-released album Restarter. First there was ‘Minions,’ then ‘Annihilation Affair,’ then ‘Loose Men,’ and now, courtesy of Alt Press, the short and sweet ‘Undone,’ as well as the album’s long eponymous closing track, courtesy of Stereogum (also featuring a nice interview). Listen to both tracks and a few thoughts after the jump.

‘Undone’ falls smack between ‘Loose Men’ and ‘Blasted,’ which, as I’ll go into more detail on in my soon-to-come review of the album, are by far the poppiest and most Harmonicraft-like moments of the record. This makes the fast and furious ‘Undone’ a perfect bridge between those two and by far one of its most intense and blistering moments. ‘Restarter,’ however, is about as straight-forward and anthemic as the band has gotten. It immediately locks into its groove and doesn’t let go for over 8 1/2 minutes. It’s a perfect blending of the styles the band is known for and a great encapsulation of the album as a whole.

Restarter is out February 24 via Relapse. Check out tour dates here, and keep your eyes out for our review in the next week or so. In the meantime, here’s a thing that happened last night as a result of listening to this album and scrolling through Tumblr, presented without comment.



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