Last we heard from Miami sludge-lords Torche, they had released the first single off of their Relapse debut Restarter, ‘Minions.’ And while that track was fine and pretty much your basic meat-and-potatoes Torche, several of us here (myself included) felt it was a bit lacking in something. Thankfully the band has now released another track in the form of album opener ‘Annihilation Affair,’ and, well, I’ll let you listen to it before offering my own opinions, both after the jump.

As far as openers go, this is just a straight-up shit-kicker. From start to end, ‘Annihilation Affair’ takes no prisoners as its mathy chromatic riffs propels forward under Steve Brooks’ usual fare of piercing vocals and then transitions midway into noisy feedback madness and unrelenting drum hits that calls to mind some of the heaviest moments off of Meanderthal. Now that we’ve received both the lighter and heavier sides of the Torche spectrum in its first two singles, think its fair to say that Restarter will feature all aspects of the Torche we’ve come to know and love.

Restarter is out via Relapse February 24, 2015.


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