Of the copious and well-executed post-rock and metal albums that have been released this year, few have us more excited than This Will Destroy You‘s upcoming Another Language (not to be confused with that other album people seem to be talking about a lot called Language). We’ve already previewed two tracks from it, but you can now stream the entire thing courtesy of Pitchfork (which has, mercifully, finally decided that yes, a pause button would be beneficial to an audio player).

So what do you all think? We’ll be putting up our official and more formal thoughts soon, but, man, this is just a very pretty and emotional album that seems to borrow a lot of the more ambient elements of Tunnel Blanket and adds the occasional and surprising burst of energy. Another Language is out September 16 via Suicide Squeeze, and you can pre-order it here. So much glorious instrumental music, so very little time. What a time to be alive!



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