This Will Destroy You are a name to be reckoned with. In the bleak and somber skies of post-rock, they shine with a sound that is completely their own. Their nearly decade-long career has seen them wielding expansive sounds and precise lines to equal effect, always relying on a weird mix between melancholy and infectious hope. Superlatives can only do so much justice however, as TWDY need to be experienced directly. And now you can do that once again, as the band have released a new track, ‘Dustism’, which is premiering over at Stereogum.

What can we say? It’s amazing. The beginning sets the stage perfectly for the painstakingly accurate drums that follow. The ending, beginning somewhere along the five minute mark, is speckled with barely heard chimes that tease behind the enormous bass and the whole thing just smells of…childhood? Memories? An old room? No, I’m not crying it’s just a bit of Dustism in my eye.

Make up your own mind by heading over to Stereogum right now and hearing the whole thing for yourself. The band’s next album, Another Language, will see release on the 16th of September via Suicide Squeeze.



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