trap them blissfucker

Not even two weeks after releasing the second track from their new album Blissfucker, Trap Them have deemed it fit to share more new music. ‘Lungrunners’ is another full tilt tornado of a track, taking the blistering pace of ‘Salted Crypts’ and the hardcore swagger of ‘Organic Infernal’ and smashing the two together. Fans of the band will be moist in their seats at the breakneck tempo that rushes you and does not let up. Fuzz laden riffs and cascading kick drums are here in force so hold onto your hairpiece.


I cannot get enough of the new Trap Them material and come June 10th, when Blissfucker drops courtesy of Prosthetic Records, the neighbors will be pounding on these walls to complain about the noise but I won’t be able to hear them. With a new Entombed (A.D) song appearing online this week also, this mighty subgenre is more than making its presence felt thanks to the originators and their prodigal sons from the East Coast. It seems like Entombedcore no longer has to be defended.



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