trap them new album 2014

After putting out a genre classic with Darker Handcraft back in 2011, Prosthetic Records golden boys Trap Them are releasing their fourth full length Blissfucker on 10th June. Until then we can more than make do with ‘Organic Infernal’, the second track to be released after ‘Salted Crypts’ burst forth and crushed our sensitive bits. While ‘Salted Crypts’ was a straight up Trap Them classic, with their trademark grind approach to punk represented supremely, ‘Organic Infernal‘ strays more towards the hardcore end of the spectrum.

Lambgoat were blessed with the premiere of this simple yet snarling, instant pit classic. The always aggressive vocals of Ryan Mckenney cut through and between the overoverdriven guitars with an ever so dissonant guitar lick underneath, propelling the song on to its’ climax. While it retains the traditional Trap Them essence, ‘Organic Infernal’ sacrifices some of the bands’ intensity to replace it with what could be conceived as a ‘catchy’ hook and a song structure that holds a simple FUCK OFF attitude.


Blissfucker is gearing up to be another sterling representation of the twisted ‘death punk’ that Trap Them fans have enjoyed for so long. June 10th is the day. Write it down. Defend Entombedcore.





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