trap them new album 2014

Trap Them are one of those bands that you don’t know you need, until they disappear. With Filth Rations and Darker Handcraft bubbling up the surface in fairly quick succession, we were spoiled with a whole selection of dirt and Entombedcore riffs and then they went quiet for a little while. Thankfully, wait no more, as last night the band revealed their new album, the beautifully titled Blissfucker, and a new track in support of it, ‘Salted Crypts‘.

Salted Crypts‘ is available to stream over at Decibel and should be welcome return for those of you that enjoy their particularly filthy brand of crust. It’s a lumbering giant of a track that rises from the crypt and lurches forward in swathes of fuzz and distortion — but, devoid of hyperbole, it’s just fucking great. A welcome return, indeed.

Blissfucker will rise again, come the 10th of June through Prosthetic Records.

– DL


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