Entombed A.D. – Dead Dawn

The regionality of sound within the metal spectrum is an intriguing yet oft overlooked characteristic of this ever expanding genre. In the earlier years of metal, it used to be that bands were grouped under a regional definition to describe their style; NWOBHM, Gothenburg style death metal, Bay Area thrash are but a few examples. Yet this kind of geographic subdivision seems to become a thing of the past as the internet and other modern aspects of life continue to blur cultural barriers and connect everyone with increasing ease. Nowadays, these regionally defined styles can come from bands far and away from the sub-genre’s original birthplace. Take for example the old-school Swedish death metal with its classic buzz saw guitar sound, plodding drums and guttural growls. While still largely dominated by Swedish bands, it has slowly grown into a niche sound that’s being played by bands from other countries.