Doomsday – 2018 In Review

A dark and foreboding greeting to you, heaviest of Heavy Bloggers! Yes, I’m afraid it’s that time again. The death of the year 2018 demands a review, and we would be quite foolish not to oblige. It’s been another very solid year for doom metal. Personal favorites and genre darlings alike have returned with huge releases, up and comers have made themselves known, and a certain giant of the scene made a comeback after a far too long hiatus. What’s not to like about DOOM 2018?

Thou – Magus

Mystique is a huge part of what draws us to musicians and to bands. Cultivating that mystique is a fine art which affords bands no clear paths forward; like being cool, some bands just have it and others just don't and it's not clear exactly why or what actions make or break the allure of bands. What's safe to say is that Thou have carefully cultivated such an air of artistic passion, occult obfuscation and DIY dedication over the years. Their move in 2018 to publish not one, not two, not three but four albums has certainly amplified that sort of image; Thou stand as one of the most interesting and engaging bands in the spaces of doom, sludge, and the blackened varieties thereof. But, when all of that aesthetic is discarded, what are we left with when we approach Magus, what most consider their main offering for 2018? How does a full length Thou album sound like on the backs of the three inherently different EPs which came before it?