99 – Sacred Son ft. Dane Cross

So, we mentioned the Sacred Son artwork controversy before. The chill artwork for the very real black metal album drew some ire, so we got the man behind the curtain to join us and tell it all. And it was a good time! We talk about the artwork (of course), but also the project itself, Dane’s views on the black metal scene and more. Eden and I then discuss new material from Augury, First Fragment, Cavalera Conspiracy (check out my retrospective), Leander Kills and The Kindred. We also discuss Metalsucks’s legal assessment of the Decapitated case, Marilyn Manson’s onstage accident, and Between the Buried and Me reacquiring the rights to their older material. Then we have a cool people section about some stuff, including the Netflix documentary Long Shot, Total War: Warhammer II, Annihilation (the movie), Blade Runner 2049 and the upcoming Dune movie.

The Kindred – Life in Lucidity

Life In Lucidity carries an aura of kaleidoscopic folk, with various keyboards, acoustic guitars, and soulful if-not-flamboyantly soaring vocals to create an atmosphere that is nearly unparalleled in their genre. If there’s one way to sum up Life in Lucidity, it would be: intelligent, yet with a heart that beats.

The Kindred Post New Single, ‘Heritage’

I remember coming across the promising young Canadian band Today I Caught The Plague; their name evoked a certain breed of progressive-tinged metalcore, and their sound followed in suit, comparable to The Human Abstract and Protest the Hero. Since those days, the band have changed their name to The Kindred…