The Kindred - Life In Lucidity

The Kindred‘s new album Life In Lucidity is a glorious hodgepodge of progressive metalcore and an oddly psychedelic folk influence reminiscent of a more flamboyant Fair To Midland. Needless to say, we received the album quite positively but we couldn’t exactly share in our excitement as well as we would have liked to, as we had a good month prior to release thanks to Sumerian lending us an advance. Now everyone can enjoy Life In Lucidity, and you can stream the record below.


If you don’t have the time and can only listen to one track right now, do yourself a favor and skip to the instrumental ‘Millennia’. If that bluesy expression of talent doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will.

Life In Lucidity will be out tomorrow, February 25th, through Sumerian Records. Find it and pick it up.

– JR

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