The Anatomy Of: Bionatops

Welcome to Heavy Blog is Heavy’s feature, “The Anatomy Of.” Taken from the Between The Buried And Me album of the same name, in which the band pays tribute to artists/bands that they feel have most inspired their songwriting, “The Anatomy Of” allows us to hand off the metaphorical microphone to bands…

EXCLUSIVE: Caricature Premieres New Video For “Man Of Science”

Massachusetts prog metal band Caricature — who you may remember as the band who previously dedicated an entire half hour epic to a special feline friend this year — have just released their new EP Unborn earlier this month. Featuring past and present members of Heavy Blog favorites System Divide, Binary Code, and Last Chance To Reason, it’s a melodic groove-minded record for fans of acts such as Gojira, Periphery, and Devin Townsend Project. Expect propulsive songwriting and a plethora of soaring, memorable choruses.

Oracles – Miserycorde

For anyone aware of System Divide, their splitting up was probably devastating news. The formula combining a watered down version of Aborted with female vocals worked very well, but the band had to part ways with singer Miri due to her and co-vocalist Sven’s divorce. As such, System Divide was more. Enter Sanna Salou of Dimlight and Mendel Bij de Leij. It’s no secret that Mendel joining Aborted gave the band a breath of fresh air and carried them to the next level, and with Sanna being drafted to replace Miri, System Divide was reborn as Oracles. With Mendel’s playing and Sanna’s dramatic range, System Divide 2.0 is much more than its predecessor, surpassing even Aborted. Unsurprisingly, their debut album Miserycorde is nothing short of awesome.

PREMIERE: Stream Caricature’s 27-minute Prog Metal Cat Worship, “Stampede”

A Venn Diagram of prog metal nerds and cat lovers is sure to be a near total eclipse. Joseph Spiller of prog metal act Caricature (which features former members of bands such as The Binary Code, System Divide, and Last Chance To Reason) has taken it upon himself to become a prominent figure of this subset of enthusiasts by writing a powerful and epic ode to his beloved feline companion Parmesan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Oracles, the Continuation of System Divide

We reported last year that System Divide, the melodic death metal group featuring members of Aborted and fronted by phenomenal female vocalist Miri Milman were going on an indefinite hiatus, which led to an announcement stating that the band was no more. This was a huge disappointment, because their one and only album The Conscious Sedation was…

System Divide Offer New Album Update

System Divide — the modern metal group featuring members of Aborted — have been hard at work on their new album The Cult Of Indifference. Apparently the band are a big behind schedule in getting the album complete, but guitarist Mendel Bij de Leij is sure as hell trying to get it done!…

System Divide Return with ‘Ephemera’

Melodic death metal supergroup System Divide, which has the singers of Aborted and Distorted, and the rest of the instruments are also performed by members of other accomplished bands. Their debut album The Vagaries of Perception was one of my favorite records of the year and I still give it a…