What’s Up Punks? May 2019, part 2

So here we are with the second installment of this month’s cavalcade of punk music in just about every style imaginable. Punk is, after all, as much a mindset as a musical style, right? Right. There’s a lot to get to so I won’t hold you up. Dig in, enjoy.…

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42 – Philosopher’s Guide To The Galaxy

Yeah, this week’s dank number fact is pretty obvious. Also, finally we introduce “Bullshit Philosophy Corner” as an official segment! Oh, we also talk about metal. Stuff like Morbid Angel, The HAARP Machine, From First To Last (and Skrillex), Oddland, Opeth, Jinjer, Defeated Sanity, Carnifex, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Equipoise, Alcest and Cortexiphan. Also some dumb top 50 list. Then we do two topics, namely bands that “you had to be there/then to get”, and how fans fixate on members of bands who have passed away. Enjoy!

The Human Abstract – Digital Veil

The Human Abstract Digital Veil 01. Elegiac 02. Complex Terms 03. Digital Veil 04. Faust 05. Antebellum 06. Holographic Sight 07. Horizon to Zenith 08. Patterns [03/08/11] [E1 Music] You’ve heard about this record for months.  They’ve teased you for so long.  Now you finally have it.  You crack on…