Yeah, this week’s dank number fact is pretty obvious. Also, finally we introduce “Bullshit Philosophy Corner” as an official segment! Oh, we also talk about metal. Stuff like Morbid Angel, The HAARP Machine, From First To Last (and Skrillex), Oddland, Opeth, Jinjer, Defeated Sanity, Carnifex, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Equipoise, Alcest and Cortexiphan. Also some dumb top 50 list. Then we do two topics, namely bands that “you had to be there/then to get”, and how fans fixate on members of bands who have passed away. Enjoy!

42 – Philosopher’s Guide To The Galaxy

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Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

Another Metroid 2 Remake


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  1. karlo

    broadly agree with your thoughts on dillinger. i appreciate them and can honestly say i enjoy all of their albums, but it’s very rare that i think ‘hey i want to listen to DEP’ because i need to be in a really specific mood for them. i think it’s great that they’re going out on top, especially as they have several albums under their belt already

    eden you got rekt about ATG vs alkaloid – that’s two weeks in a row that nyn has owned you, lift your game. in other news, the new ATG album was amazing, one of my favourite melodeath albums ever. and then you blasphemed against leviathan. tut tut, what are we do to do with you. i agree that remission isnt as good as more modern prog sludge, but what flaws do you think hinder leviathan’s accessibility and awesomeness in the eyes of newcomers? also i think linkin park is definitely a band where, if you didnt live through it, you would not understand them or their success

    also eden, cliff burton was on the first three albums, not just the first one. re slipknot, i agree noyan that paul gray wasnt really a very audible part of the band, but he was actually the main songwriter along with joey jordison, particularly on their first two albums.

    equipoise sounds awesome, thanks for the recommendation!

    • Nayon

      thanks for the feedback as always :)

      yeah I feel in general that Eden’s definition of melodeath is pretty broad and that’s something that has always slightly irked me and I’m glad I got to air that a bit :P

      LP, definitely. As for Mastodon, I think Eden’s argument is that other bands added more to the sound later on, even Mastodon themselves did, kinda obsoleting it. I’d rather listen to last year’s Intronaut than anything else from that genre (then again I’m not a huge fan of that genre to begin with so YMMV).

      Yeah I tried to make that point about Paul but I couldn’t find the right words. The phenomenon occurs more when the person is actually a noticeable part of the music and the average listener can’t tell how a songwriter affects a band from the outside.

      Equipoise is super great, keep your ears open for more related news soon ;)

      • karlo

        i dont know, i disagree re leviathan. i think it’s pretty much on par with their next album, and then with crack the skye they pretty much changed genres so nothing form then onwards is directly comparable imo. so i wouldnt say mastodon themselves improved much on that type of sound.

        as for other bands, i agree that there have been some other phenomenal releases from that genre, but i dont feel it’s a case of ‘this is so good i dont need what came before’ – although tbh it’s very rare that i feel that about any genre so that may be where we’re at odds.

        also i forgot to mention this in my initial comment, but i like that bullshit philosophy corner is back + i listened to the first book of the mistborn trilogy on audible and i loved it – thanks!

      • karlo

        yeah i really like the system of magic he created, following on from the cool people podcast episode a few weeks back, the rules and logic that the magic utilises is really cool. i feel like the way it ended means you could almost take it as a stand-alone book, but ive already got the second one downloaded so ill get started on it soon

      • Nayon

        There is so much more tot he mistborn universe that, while the first one is a good standalone book, the sequels grow it immensely.

        Basically Brandon wrote like 4-5 books in different settings (connected through his multiverse) hoping one would get picked up, and Mistborn got big time success and is his main series now, and he’s writing sequels to the other ones as well, and in the end they’ll all converge. His other main series is Stormlight Archives (narrated by the same people on audible) and that is a bit slower but it pays off really well in book 2.

      • karlo

        wow, that’s a really clever way of goin about it. cant wait to get into it

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