The six members of Periphery are a friggin’ factory of music; they always seem to be churning something new out every time you think they’re out of ideas. Whether it’s Mark Holcomb’s more metal side project Haunted Shores, Spencer Sotelo’s stint in From First To Last or Misha’s hundreds of online demos, there’s always something to keep an eye out for. Well now we’ve got ourselves a whole new album of entirely electronic music from axeman Jake Bowen, entitled Isometric. The album just dropped yesterday and features ten songs of laid back, ambient bleeps and bloops. Check it out below!

Periphery have certainly used these electronic interludes a lot in their past, particularly on the first two LPs. They always seemed like a bit of a rushed afterthought in the context of those albums, but now that they have their own platform it feels much more natural and far less forced. Songs like “Ganzfeld” and “Tengu” are absolutely beautiful and definitely go well with a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. You can buy Isometric for $10 on Jake’s Bandcamp page or just stream the entire thing for free!


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