Rotten to the Core – devthbed, Justice for the Damned & Vein

We’re at a point where a hot shit, flavour of the month band can become old hat moments after they are touted as the next big thing. It’s so easy to lose track of who’s who, what’s hot and not and generally what the hell is happening in music and it’s always gonna be impossible to hear everything good out there. That’s where Heavy Blog, and others like us, come in. We have our core features focusing on specific genres—what’s up Grind My Gears fans?!—but today I’m lumping together bands who’s only similarity is their shared suffix. They’re all “core” in some form or another. To make things more digestible, I’ve even added a strapline for each, covering their sound in one fantastically humorous sentence. Please, enjoy and rock responsibly.

The Devil’s Roots: Thelema in Metal

If a poster was created of famous devil-worshippers then Aleister Crowley’s face would no doubt be near the front and center. Despite not actually being a Satanist, Crowley’s “wicked’’ deeds placed him in league with the Dark Lord in the eye’s of the public back in his heyday. However, he was a practitioner of Thelema, a spiritual philosophy of self-empowerment that’s often lumped in with the glorification of evil much like Satanism has been throughout the years. And like old Beelzebub, Crowley and heavy metal fit together like a hand in glove, and his influence in heavy music can be traced all the way back to the genre’s earliest years.

DevilDriver – Trust No One

Back in 2016 after a three year break, their longest spell between albums to date, DevilDriver released Trust No One on 13 May 2016. The record marks their return from hiatus and the first recorded appearances of Neal Tiemann (Midwest Kings, The Anthemic) on guitar and Austin D’Amond (ex-Chimaira) on…

29 – Breaking it Down

This week we (mostly I) run a terrible pun to the ground, just like deathcore bands have run breakdowns to the ground. You’ll see what I mean. Or hear. New music: Black Crown Initiate, Kamelot, Perturbator, Within the Ruins, Inter Arma, Devildriver, Vektor, The Fall of Troy, If These Trees Could Talk, Downfall of Gaia, Slaughter to Prevail and… Death Grips. Then we talk about negative reviews, what a review should be and how one should respond to reviews; then we talk about, yes, breakdowns. Then it all breaks down.

PHOTOS: DevilDriver, Whitechapel, Revocation, Carnifex, Rivers Of Nihil—June 4th, 2014 @ Mojoe’s, Joliet, IL, June 12th, 2014 @ Stage 48, New York, NY, & June 13th, 2014 @ Theater Of Living Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Photographers Kyle Gaddo and Maclyn Bean have once again joined forces to bring you a MASSIVE photo post. This time, we managed to catch DevilDriver and Whitechapel on their co-headlining tour with Revocation, Carnifex, and Rivers of Nihil. Would you believe that luck, though, that at all three dates we…

Cannibal Corpse Reveal Details + New Track from New Album

Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse have revealed the track listing and cover art, as well as a brand new song, from their forthcoming album, A Skeletal Domain,. The album was tracked at Audiohammer Studios with Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, DevilDriver, The Black Dahlia Murder), making this the first album without Hate Eternal frontman Erik…