Death metal legends Cannibal Corpse have revealed the track listing and cover art, as well as a brand new song, from their forthcoming album, A Skeletal Domain,. The album was tracked at Audiohammer Studios with Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, DevilDriver, The Black Dahlia Murder), making this the first album without Hate Eternal frontman Erik Rutan producing, who the band have enlisted for each of their albums since 2006. This is easily one of the more highly anticipated releases of the year, and I know that I am interested in hearing what Mark Lewis was able to do with the band’s iconic sound. Click the jump to listen to the new song, ‘Sadistic Embodiment’.



The song is obviously vintage Cannibal Corpse, but there is also a vigor present that hearkens back the band’s classic era. Also worth noting is the album’s cover, which, while still very dark and brutal, is decidedly less gory and controversial than any of Cannibal Corpse’s other legendary album covers. The overall tone of the cover suggests that the band enlisted an artist other than longtime collaborator Vincent Locke to create the album cover, but this has not been confirmed yet. With a new producer and a new visual artist, perhaps a new era of the Corpse is being ushered in? Only time will tell.

A Skeletal Domain is set for release on September 16 through Metal Blade.

(via ThePRP)


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