This week we (mostly I) run a terrible pun to the ground, just like deathcore bands have run breakdowns to the ground. You’ll see what I mean. Or hear. New music: Black Crown Initiate, Kamelot, Perturbator, Within the Ruins, Inter Arma, Devildriver, Vektor, The Fall of Troy, If These Trees Could Talk, Downfall of Gaia, Slaughter to Prevail and… Death Grips. Then we talk about negative reviews, what a review should be and how one should respond to reviews; then we talk about, yes, breakdowns. Then it all breaks down.

Episode 29 – Breaking It Down

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN


Eden’s re:publica talk



3 Responses

  1. Danny Maman

    Big time fan here. Been listening since episode 18, then went back and listened to everything preceding it. I am almost dependent now on your podcasts to increase my music library. I’ve also found the reviews to be intersting, but I do have to say, Noyan once wrote a 4 or 5 page review of…I think it was King Cobra’s ‘The Darkness,” and as much as I love the serious and well-formatted reviews, I kinda live for those one-off reviews… The rating at he end especiually killed me.

    Also, I know this has probably been asked, but is there any way to get these podcasts on Google Play? I’ve been listening thus far on my Ipad (the podcast is actually something I look forward to upon waking up every Monday morning), and I’d like to be able to listen to it on as many devices as I can.

    • Nayon

      I think you should be able to use the “RSS feed” link to subscribe on google somehow? The feed is created by google.

  2. karlo

    discussion around reviews was really interesting and past Eden should be condemned for not removing scoring entirely


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