Thoren – Gwarth II

I listen to a lot of music every year. Which is as it should be. I do write about this shit regularly, so some semblance of a finger on the pulse of various scenes is, in my mind, essential to writing meaningfully about music. One thing that I’ve marveled at…

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Abyssal – A Beacon in the Husk

I’m a sucker for the kind of discordant, dissonant, technically adventurous death metal that leaves you simultaneously baffled and awed. Think Portal and their utterly unhinged songwriting, Ulcerate and their fire and blood approach to technical death metal, and Mitochondrion’s relentless, blisteringly paced barrage of audio brutality. It’s a sound…

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Hey! Listen to An Isolated Mind!

On behalf of all of us here at Heavy Blog I must apologise. In March we learned about one of 2019’s more striking and thought-provoking albums, yet you’ve had to wait until today for our coverage. Well, better late than never, for today we right that wrong and bring to…

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Karg – Dornenvögel

I’ve written before about black metal’s love affair with the idea of the auteur, most at length in one of my favorite pieces, my longform essay on black metal and Romanticism, where I discussed the idea of the tortured artist/genius figure. To borrow what I said there, “the figure of…

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Death’s Door – August 2018

Greetings, my Hellions. Welcome to another installment of Death’s Door. There’s no point in the typical pleasantries. This place is so covered in blood from the absolutely insane amount of deadly death metal released this month that we may not ever be able to clean it. So grab a bone throne and get cozy. You have hours of listening ahead of you.

Editors’ Picks – August 2018

August sucks, OK? Even more than its slightly-less evil twin July, August is just a mess. Weather sucks all over and the oppressiveness of summer reaches its true heights. There are days where I almost feel like it’s always been summer and will always be summer, just sun and sun never-ending (and…

Convulsing – Grievous

Death metal, on the whole, is a fairly hateful genre of music. So much so that I often wonder why I enjoy it as thoroughly as I do. Its sonic textures, lyrical themes, and visual aesthetic are frequently driven toward the excessively violent, emotionally morbid, and the downright macabre. None…

Death’s Door – July 2018

Hello my Hellions, and welcome to Death’s Door. Don’t even bother wiping your feet on the mat this time around. The blood runneth over. What an absolutely insane summer it’s been for death metal. So great that we’ve had to eliminate a multitude of records from our monthly list because…