Yay, we have a threesome! If we were youtube clickbait, I’d have to call this METAL PODCAST PRANK (GONE SEXUAL). Anyway, this week we have Nick around again, and as we are often wont to do, we talk about industry shenanigans with him. Namely the Nielsen report on 2016 music sales, Tidal’s new gimmick, some Facebook deathcore page scamming people, and then we go into some news. New music or whatever from Panopticon, Pyrrhon, Convulsing, Pallbearer, Good Tiger, and Wintersun (enjoy my rant on that). Also in our weekly Season of Mist worship, the One And All, Together, For Home album featuring Drudkh, Primordial, Winterfylleth and more. Then we talk about good double albums, what makes a live show good, and the shittiness of the notion of “female fronted” bands. Also I’m sick so I sound awful. Fun!

PS: Wow that title is terrible. I have no shame though. Also, in light of having no shame, I’m just going to stop self-deprecating about how lazy I am in terms of typing up these podcast posts. It’s just the default state of things, and if I stop drawing attention to it, people will stop noticing. Ironically, this week I put more effort into it while trying to be funny. Them’s the breaks I guess. Enjoy.

62 – Industry Shena-Nick-ans

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