The Anatomy Of: Wake

The ongoing transformation of Wake is a fascinating one. The Calgary-based atmospheric extreme metal act skirts around so many genre lines that we can't seem to agree on where to place them in the greater spectrum of metal subgenres. We reached out to Wake to gain some sort of insight into what inspires a once-grind band to become the fresh face of post-metal and the influential records that make up the sonic and melodic vocabulary you can expect to hear on their upcoming full length Thought Form Descent, out July 22nd through Metal Blade Records.

Astronoid – Radiant Bloom

Established in 2012, Massachusetts-based at Astronoid built a cult following within a pocket of the prog metal community for their so-called "dream thrash" blending of genres by the time their 2016 full length... Read More...

SOM – The Shape Of Everything

Shoegaze act SOM arrived in 2018 and melted hearts with their debut album The Fall, then blew us away from the stage at POST. Festival the following year. The act (featuring members of Junius, Constants, and Caspian) has been described as "doom pop," which isn't inaccurate; the baseline SOM modus operandi consists of colossal low-end, lush guitar layers, and airy vocal hooks delivered through a wash of delay and reverb, without pretense or complication.

249 – Paul Atreideez Nuts

Heavy Pod Is Heavy Cast! This week we talk about new material from LIMP BIZKIT, Mastodon, First Fragment, Oddland, Sunless and Allegaeon.  Also, Neige from Alcest finally clears the air (not rea... Read More...