Death’s Door – April 2020

It’s that time again. Death’s Door. Let’s go. The world is a pestilential pit of sickness, stupidity, and a very uncomfortable cocktail of anxiety, depression, and boredom. But it isn’t all bad. Death metal is awesome, and 2020 has been absolutely loaded with quality content. Month over month I’m becoming…

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Release Day Roundup – 4/17/20

Editor’s Note: Longtime reader Remi VL is a regular guest contributor to our Release Day Roundup posts! He submitted several of the albums listed below. Join his Facebook group for more recommendations. Each month, we always seem to come to the same conclusion when it comes to our Editors’ Picks column: Friday release days open the floodgates and…

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Concert Review: Vader, Abysmal Dawn, Hideous Divinity, Vitriol, Desolate at Jewel Music Venue (Manchester, NH)

New Hampshire is the fly over state of New England when it comes to noteworthy metal tours. Most bands book their New England dates at one of the countless options in Massachusetts; there are more highly frequented venues in the greater Boston/Cambridge area than the region’s other five states combined,…

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From Deicide to Self-Destruction: How a Death Metal Pioneer Fell Behind the Pack

Way back in 2012, Paul Mazurkiewicz (drummer for Cannibal Corpse) sat down with Billboard (via Metal Injection) and was posed an interesting question: who are death metal’s Big 4? Now, boiling any genre down to a definitive group of four is realistically impossible – as important as the Big 4 of thrash are to the genre, bands like Sepultura, Overkill, Kreator and Destruction deserve just as significant a portion of credit. So too was the case with Mazurkiewicz’s naming of Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Deicide and Suffocation as the Big 4 of death metal, which leaves out a whole slew of bands seminal to the genre’s evolution (Death, Bolt Thrower, Obituary, Autopsy, Carcass and innumerable others). Yet, in terms of balancing popularity, influence and an active status, it’s hard to argue with Mazurkiewicz’s picks; all four bands are nothing short of genre pioneers who played pivotal roles in defining death metal from its post-thrash transitional stage. However, when we fast forward to the genre’s current landscape, it’s clear time hasn’t been as kind to the infamous blasphemers from the Sunshine State as it has for the rest of DM’s Big 4. Despite being near the top of the pack in terms of influence and album sales, Deicide has experienced a noticeable fall from grace from their prime in the early-nineties. But the question is – why? What caused these luminaries to become lost?

Abysmal Dawn – Obsolescence

In a year which has seen death metal acts breathe new life into the genre, one or two are always going to miss the mark. For most, the newest offering from California’s Abysmal Dawn will undoubtedly fall into this category. By no means a riff by numbers effort, Obsolescence just…

Abysmal Dawn Debut Second Single From New Album – “The Inevitable Return to Darkness”

Abysmal Dawn have always been on steady incline during their time on the tech-death circuit. Currently, they are gearing up for a solid tour spot supporting Deicide and the release of their fourth album, Obsolescence, which will be available  in late October. The band released a groovy, mid-paced track about a month ago entitled ‘Inanimate’. Now, a second…

Abysmal Dawn Premiere “Inanimate”, Launch Pre-orders for Obsolescence

Man, there’s so much new music being released in the coming months, it’s hard to keep up! To add yet another anticipated release to the list, up-and-coming death metallers Abysmal Dawn have premiered a track from their upcoming fourth studio album, Obsolescence. The song is called “Inanimate”, and it’s one groovy freight train…