abysmal dawn obsolescence
Abysmal Dawn have always been on steady incline during their time on the tech-death circuit. Currently, they are gearing up for a solid tour spot supporting Deicide and the release of their fourth album, Obsolescence, which will be available  in late October.

The band released a groovy, mid-paced track about a month ago entitled ‘Inanimate‘. Now, a second single called “The Inevitable Return to Darkness” has been released to seemingly act as an appropriate musical counterbalance. Head on over the jump to give it a proper listen!


The track is a great deal faster and more detailed than its predecessor. It was a smart move by Abysmal Dawn to preview these two singles, as the juxtaposition shows a keen likelihood of Obsolescence containing a decent amount of variety.

Pre-orders are available through Relapse and can be found here.

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