abysmal dawn obsolescence

Man, there’s so much new music being released in the coming months, it’s hard to keep up! To add yet another anticipated release to the list, up-and-coming death metallers Abysmal Dawn have premiered a track from their upcoming fourth studio album, Obsolescence. The song is called “Inanimate“, and it’s one groovy freight train of a death metal jam. Listen after the jump.


The main riff of this song is absolutely crushing, and it shows that Abysmal Dawn can bring the old school, mid-tempo death just as well as they bring the hyper speed tech death. This already sounds just as great, if not more so, than anything Abysmal Dawn have put out thus far in their career as a band. In keeping with tradition, the band once more enlisted Par Olofsson to create the striking cover art for Obsolescence you see above, and it turned out great. The weird spiral eclipse that’s appeared on all of Abysmal Dawn’s album covers once more appears, this time as some sort of tower spewing out zombies or something…I don’t know. Whatever it is, it’s metal.

Pre-orders for Obsolescence have been launched at this location. The effort will be released on Oct. 28 via Relapse.

– AL

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