Monthly Missive // May 2022

Remember how, when COVID was kicking off, we got a slew of articles talking about the new world which COVID will leave behind? While the declarations of COVID’s demise

2 years ago

Remember how, when COVID was kicking off, we got a slew of articles talking about the new world which COVID will leave behind? While the declarations of COVID’s demise are very untimely, it’s safe to say that we are beginning to see a vision of our world, for better or for worse, where COVID has become “just” another cyclical disease. COVID is becoming, and will soon become even more so, something that we live alongside, albeit with augmentations to our lifestyles that we probably won’t even notice until there’s an outbreak. The funny thing is, if you look around at these “post-COVID” societies, they don’t really look anything like what those articles were projecting. Which is fine, don’t get me wrong; I don’t expect perfect predictions or even accurate ones because that’s not what predictions do or how the future works.

So, back to our societies: it’s not just that they don’t like what those articles were painting, they also look pretty much like the societies we had before COVID. On the personal level, people have gone back to rituals of intimacy; people hug, shake hands, and cough without covering their mouths (why though). On the societal level, sure more people are working from home but offices are poised to make a return and “hybrid models” are the latest fashion. Of course, for many people these are all illusions. Those who suffer from Long COVID or that have had their savings or homes wiped out by the economic crises which COVID only worsened or have lost a loved one. But these details are, of course, quickly swept aside by the march of progress, forgotten in favor of getting back to “it” (“it” of course being consuming products so “the economy” can do better).

But here’s the thing: one of the changes that COVID brought to us which seems to be sticking around, at least for me, is the distorted and convoluted perception of time which lockdowns and figures like “14 day isolations” brought with them. I mean, it’s fucking May??? It’s May??? 2022??? I remember writing the Missive intro for May 2021 like it was yesterday. Then again, things which seem to be extremely recent, like me getting acquainted with an album or other for example, actually happened way back in 2018. It’s just that the interim is made up of jumbled weeks and jigsaw months, lacerated down their middle by lockdowns, isolations, and their awful lack of routine.

Don’t get me wrong – this is not an anti-lockdown post. I think lockdowns, and certainly isolations, played and will play their part in the response to the pandemic and to those which will come after it. It’s simply an intro in which I suddenly realize that it is May again and, instead of writing yet another flowery tribute to Spring (although I love doing that because Spring, like all the seasons, is amazing), I suddenly realize that time itself has slipped away from me. And that’s it; no punchline or grand insight to close this one off. Just a shake of the head and a bewildered look around me as I realize that I will be thirty-five at the end of the month and that we are still careening around in the void, on more than three axes. Here’s a bunch of music to speed us on our way; happy Spring!

Eden Kupermintz


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