Greetings duelists and welcome back to Flash of the Blade! It’s 2022! Everything is different and yet, the absolute fucking same. Those who are killing us and destroying the planet have names and addresses and the solution to their tyranny is simple. Don’t remember what this column is about? Luckily, it’s easy to remind you: this column is about short releases that go hard. Also, swearing. Which genres are included? Fuck genres. If it goes hard and if it goes fast and if it doesn’t waste any time doing either of that, it can end up here. OK? OK. Let’s fucking get to it.


SumerlandsAgeless Life (8:52 of heavy metal brilliance). Yeah this release is barely nine minutes long. Yes, we deserve another full length Sumerlands release. But this is what we have right now, OK? And we’ll make do with it because I said so and also because it’s goddamn fucking brilliant and I love this band so much! Ageless Life continues the band’s muscular and present approach to heavy metal and adds a whole bunch of scintillating, moving synths into the mix. It turns the already fantastic Sumerlands sounds into something even more epic and mighty. LISTEN TO SUMERLANDS HEAVY METAL WILL NEVER DIE.


ArmoryMercurion (42:12 of shredding, sci-fi aggression). Allow me to charm you with a spell: speed metal. Science fiction concept album. From Gothenburg. Did it work? Are you charmed? Very well; now I shall put you to do my sinister bidding. I bid you listen to this extremely sick and awesome speed metal album from Armory! I am a benign master.

SeerChildren of the Dying Light (20:13 of dynamic, progressive stoner, black and doom). Yeah, this album also appears on this month’s Doomsday. Sue me! You can’t! I’m an incorporeal entity floating around in space and beaming metal journalism directly into your mind! I’m in your mind! Screaming at you to listen to Seer for god’s sake because these riffs don’t fucking stop and the various influences are so well incorporated they won’t even give you whiplash. Well, not a lot of whiplash; just the right amount of whiplash.

Clarent Blade – Return Into Forever (39:14 of true forged steel). Remember last month when we featured the first single from this project? Well, Ayloss (Spectral Lore) has seen it fit to bless us with the full length release and blessed we are indeed! If you like your heavy metal muscular and blazing hot, accompanied with some of the more unique and raw vocals in the genre, this is your thing. And if that’s not your thing then what the hell are you doing reading this post? Go get better at liking music.