When we encounter artists with eclectic palettes, the focus is often mistakenly placed on how well their music works in spite of all the genres at play. Instead, I’d argue that we should highlight how well these kinds of artists find the subtle overlaps between seemingly disparate styles to create something that’s both unique and familiar. Case in point, the upcoming self-titled debut from Massachusetts-based we broke the weather, a fantastic, creative blend of jazz and rock subgenres. We’re stoked to premiere the album’s lead single and opening track, “Through the Wall,” so you can listen for yourself:

On “Through the Wall,” the quintet pulls from vintage and modern prog influences alike to deliver a fittingly complete yet complex opener for we broke the weather. Everything from jazz and fusion to math and post-rock also crop up along the way, as if King Crimson invited Colin Stetson and Casey from The Dear Hunter to help write a reunion album. The track opens with whirring synths and a sax duet, which flow seamlessly into a punchy prog rock midsection with a strong affinity for groove. The sax and keys that open the track return throughout to deliver skronky solos and spacey atmospheres, respectively. Overall, the composition hearkens back to the exploratory psych of early prog while incorporating the adventurous tendencies of the genre’s modern trajectory.

As is the case throughout the album, the underlying urgency of the track is rooted in the political and social exigencies that drive we broke the weather (a reference to humankind’s contributions to climate change, of course). The band elaborate:

In a time when the world erupted in flames, a global pandemic has yet to be contained, democracies across the world are backsliding further into embracing fascism, authoritarianism, and ethno-nationalism, and America is struggling to keep its entire foundation from crumbling into a sinkhole, this band and this music have been both a life-raft and a megaphone, therapy and an act of rebellion. Anxieties over the past and future, depression over the present, and other looming threats are woven throughout this album. But at the end of the day, they’re just a group of 5 guys with wives, kids, and jobs who are most likely yelling into the void and are just trying to have some fun while doing so. So come join them down in the hole. It’s nice.

Given the number of times I’ve listened to the promo for we broke the weather, I can’t wait to see the reception for the album once it drops on February 11. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp, or follow we broke the weather on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, and/or their website for updates.

From Left: we broke the weather is Steve Muscari (bass, moog, brown notes), Kev DiTroia (guitar, werewolves, loud noises), Andy Clark (drums, vocals, count-ins), Scott Wood (guitar, vocals, alto sax, basement sound engineering), and Nick Cusworth (keys, synthesizers, vocals, tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet, and other such doots)