The Dark Third‘s Even As the Light Grows remains one of the albums I’m most happy I stumbled on during my musical journeys. Its brand of dark progressive rock, steeped in melancholy, remains a touchstone of my day to day playlists. I’ve also been following the band’s journey where I can and so was aware of lineup changes and other issues that were getting in the way of a follow up. That’s why I was ecstatic to be approached to premiere new music from the group. These two songs, “A Problem For Another Time” and “Healing Knives” were written as the same time as the album but were too stylistically different to include on it. As you’ll soon hear for yourself, they were far more than “just” B-sides though and so are now seeing the growing light of day (get it?) all on their own. Scroll down to check them out!

As you can tell, while there are definitely some stylistic additions (and removal, as the saxophone is not on here) to these tracks, they are still rooted in the same kind of contemplative progressive rock that first drew me to the band. “A Problem For Another Time”, the shorter, “intro” track, opens with the same kind of guitar tone and compositions which worm their way into your ears and set you in the right mood for this kind of music. “Healing Knives” is way more robust, in length but also in tone; its bass lines make us think of The Manic Street Preachers or something adjacent to post-punk. It sets a sort of condensed energy to the track which later on explodes when harsh vocals and galloping guitars take over, innovations for the band streaming in from the emo/black metal realms and lending their cold style an abrasive edge.

All in all, these tracks represent bold new directions for the band and, I hope, a sign that great things are coming from their camp. Make sure to head on over to their Bandcamp page above to check out Even As the Light Grows as well as these two new tracks. While you’re there, do me a favor and pick something up; these are guys I would love for everyone to support.