I fully expect this year to be just as good as the previous one as far as post-rock is concerned; there are some truly momentous releases on the horizon. However, beyond just looking out for stuff I already know is going to be great, I also can’t wait for all the new bands I’m going to discover from out of nowhere. One of the first bands already added to this list is Alabama based Glories, who make the dreamy kind of post-rock that’s so hard to convincingly pull off. But pull it off they do, as this track from their upcoming, January 24th release, shows. Head on down below for your very own taste of “Every Last Moment”!

“Every Last Moment” is an exercise in patience, a slow building of catharsis akin to acts like Caspian or Mono. So too are the tones involved in the final, cleansing release which crowns the track. However, Glories manage to instill the track’s runtime with their own little touches, like the vibrant feedback which graces the backing guitars across the track, the methodic pendulum of the crashing cymbals that fill up much of the spaces in the background of the track or the scintillating, intimate synths which usher in the track’s ultimate demise and closing phrases. The overall result is an emotional and pleasing track, setting us in that wide-eyed mood which all good post-rock should aim for.

Distant After, from which this track is taken, releases on January 24th. Head on over to the Bandcamp page above to pre-order it.