Feature Photo by Justina Villanueva

Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero) has kept busy since releasing the phenomenal Deer Pink as Zvi in April. He relocated from Brooklyn to Portland (Oregon), released a collection of ambient experiments titled vus machstu, and filmed a video for one of Deer Pink’s highlight tracks (more on that soon). As I wrote in my review, Varod’s latest Zvi full-length boasts an ambitious series of experimental rock compositions that seamlessly blends electronic and analog elements. From adventurous guitar passages to synth-driven soundscapes, Deer Pink should be on every experimental music fan’s radar.

“Follow the Snake” is an excellent example of this formula in action. As I wrote in my review, the track presents the subtleties of Varod’s sound. A progression of hypnotic guitar lines serves as the center of gravity for Varod’s various synth explorations to create a rich, textured atmosphere. Fittingly, the video for the track (produced by NY-based artist Joan Pope) offers the same kind of all-consuming sensory experience. Press play and brace yourself.

Throughout, we see Varod singing within visuals reminiscent of a classic Nine Inch Nails music video. A blue overlay illuminates his face and figure while a black and white snakeskin contorts around the frame. Visual glitched pop up periodically to add additional flavor to the already engaging affair. Again, the display is a spot-on pairing for the song and a well-produced video in its own right.

If you haven’t already, use this as an excuse to at least listen to Deer Pink in its entirety. Varod continues to demonstrate he should be considered a key player in the experimental landscape, a trend which will no doubt continue with his future output.

Deer Pink is available now via Nefarious Industries.