We first covered Chronologist back in 2015 when their demo EP caught the attention of one of our writers with their adventurous story-telling instrumental progressive metal. I’m happy to be back premiering Equinox I, the first of four EPs from the band to be released this year as part of their experimental Solstice & Equinox concept project. Chronologist are applying a unique take at release-scheduling that will see each EP being released on the four solstice and equinox days throughout 2019. With each EP being treated as separate recording projects, they’re able to better capture how each season reflects their music. This a neat concept which also staggers their new content across a full year to keep listeners engaged.

Chronologist blend a style of melodic, lead-driven “adventure” prog metal (a term sometimes used to describe Scale of Summit or The Helix Nebula), with more hard-hitting djent, using creative technical riffs and big grooves that might remind you of Vitalism, or Intervals when they still had breakdowns.  This is all tied together with tight and clean production that still lets the lower end tones feel chunky and satisfying and the drums bright and upfront. The band took care of engineering and production themselves at the Machine Shop Studio in Austin, TX, with mixing provided by Jamie King.

A lot of their contemporaries in the instrumental nu-prog scene tend to blur the lines of metal and more jazz-fusion prog rock, and we see that in stretches here such as the intro of “Sunbat”, but they use this as a building block to bring their heavy, technical riffing back into the forefront with frantic thumping grooves. These contrasting vibes are incorporated with solid song-writing, and we see some of that technicality and heaviness of the latest Night Verses really come together in “Vernal” with a big progressive death metal feel towards the end.  

Check out the bandcamp link below to stream the EP in full, or find it on any of the major streaming platforms today! – PS Check out their wicked Metal-styled Presto Ringtone released earlier this year, also available on their bandcamp.

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