Vasudeva – Generator

It’s extremely difficult to take any art form out of its space in the time period that it exists in. This is often doubly so in the music world. To take any album in right now is going to be an exercise in life experience. These are interesting and memorable…

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Toska – Fire By the Silos

Whilst the decision to keep a band purely instrumental can be liberating in some respects, it can also present some issues, especially around structure and theme. Without the verse/chorus progression that naturally forms through lyrics, there can be a tendency for instrumental songs to become meandering riff parades which amble…

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Experience Enthralling Sonic Landscapes with Horne + Holt’s Cello and Guitar Mastery

Premiering new music from familiar faces is one of our favorite things to do. Not only does it give us the chance to highlight more incredible songs and albums, but it gives our readers another opportunity to discover an artist they may have missed the first time around. Which brings…

Vasudeva – No Clearance

The ambient and lo-fi intro to the new Vasudeva record, No Clearance, gives way to a whirl of feedback before diving into the Minus the Bear-style instrumental rock of “Take Away”. It’s given to all of the positive aspects of the sort of danceable post-rock and at its outset avoids the pitfalls given to this. The clean production highlights agile guitar lines over the top of a very solid rhythm section. The track hints at the kind of soaring highs the band are capable of. The “Whatever, bye” at the end of the track is a nice touch.

Half Life – Mogwai

Scottish post-rock denizens Mogwai are a band who thrive in chaos and unpredictability – much like the little furry creatures from Joe Dante’s Gremlins they’re named after. Boundary-pushers since their inception, their feats of trailblazing subsequently launched post-rock into the mainstream stratosphere without ever having to compromise their artistic vision. Mogwai’s success is well earned and proof that, sometimes, crafting consistently great and innovative music can get you far. To traverse their discography is to explore vast oceans and limitless skies of both welcome familiarity and unexpected delights. Whether unleashing earth-shattering audio assaults or elegiac passages of soothing soundscapes, their music is profoundly human and capable of eliciting an emotional response through instrumentals alone.

Cloudkicker’s Beacons Out Now!

Yes! Download it right here for free. Or if you’re awesome enough you can support this solo project and pay some money for it. Either way, check it out and drop a line in the comments after you listen to it and let me know what you think! Beacons by Cloudkicker…

New Cloudkicker Release Date + Teaser

Instrumental progressive metal solo project Cloudkicker has set the release date of his upcoming album Beacons for September 17th.  If you aren’t jizzing your pants already, you need to. Because Ben Sharp, the genius behind Cloudkicker, is, well, a genius. Check out this small snippet right hurr: Cloudkicker Teaser Beacons is…