Ever heard of Scholomance? Their tenure lasted between 1995 and 2003, and they were way ahead of their time. Helmed by keyboard player extraordinaire Jimmy Pitts (Eternity’s End, Equipoise, NYN), their brand of progressive death metal was fantastic. Unfortunately, they broke up, but that never stopped Jimmy. He’s been working with a host of talented musicians, including Hannes Grossmann and Danny Tunker of Alkaloid, Carl August Tidemann (ex-Arcturus), Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (Defeated Sanity, ex-Obscura), Ron Jarzombek (Watchtower, Blotted Science), Vishal J Singh (Amogh Symphony), Phil Tougas (First Fragment), Jerry Twyford (Scholomance, Pitts Minnemann Project) and more! Does that line-up make you dizzy? If so, check out the song below the jump, and contribute to their crowd-funder here! Be quick, as there’s only a few days left!

Full disclosure, Jimmy’s a great friend, and he’s played keyboards on my project, NYN. But that only speaks to how highly I think of him and his work.

First, here’s the first track:


Here’s what Jimmy had to say about these tracks:

“Frost was our first Scholomance song ever, written originally in 1995 and then I rewrote it for what would have been our third album (was to be titled The Fractured Dimension). Bedevilment is a remake of the only song I wasn’t proud of on The Immortality Murder (guitar rhythms were off time and solos were out of key). These were unfinished business to me.”

Now, the second track:


I’m a huge fan of all of Jimmy’s work, and Scholomance has long been a hidden gem for me, one that I always thought deserved a second chance. While these tracks are remakes of older songs, the rest of the album features a host of new ones as well, and they’re all fantastic. If you’re a fan of progressive instrumental music, this is it. What I love about Many Infinities is that it captures, both in production and writing, the old school progressive death sound that Scholomance had, and adds modern twists and a whole host of new tricks to it.

Again, the crowd-funder is available here, so go check it out! Perks include copies of other albums Jimmy’s worked on, and even a guest solo from Jimmy!

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