Hey! Listen to Epiphany From the Abyss!

We're often late to bands on the blog, since there's just so much music being released. But we're not often quite this late; we've only just heard of Epiphany From the Abyss as they released a self-titled EP to find out it's their last. Epiphany From the Abyss's latest album is a farewell, a last gesture for the fans of the band. Beyond the poignant beauty of such a gesture, it's also a damn fine album, comprised of the kind of technical deathcore that you don't hear often these days. It's a true throwback to the halcyon days of deathcore, when the genre was still fresh and solid. As such, even if it is the band's last, it is definitely a worthy release. Perhaps even more so? In any case, head on down below for your share of guitar licks, guttural vocals and no shortage of blastbeats.