It’s been a long time since I’ve watched They Live but I’m sure Rowdy Roddy Piper’s character would have proudly played this loud as hell. Hero In Error, back with a refreshed lineup, new music and bigger choruses than you’ve heard anywhere this side of a Mariah Carey Xmas compilation; ready to play riffs and chew bubblegum but there’s no bubblegum so… Riffs. With their brand new EP, Obey, the band punch into the rafters of anthemic, hard hitting metal and we have it streaming for you over the jump. Obey.

Previously on Heavy Blog Is Heavy: Hero In Error, we debuted the melodious, metallic monster “Hollow Truth”, a meaty track with tech riffs and a chorus so engaging it temporarily shut down business here. This would be the first music from Hero In Error for some time, and a stepping stone of sorts for the new and improved lineup. One that has seen them back in the studio, readying this batch of colossal tunes.

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“Hollow Truth” opens Obey with it’s familiar, hell raising riff feast; one that opens a door to the sleek mash up of The Haunted and SikTh on the EP’s title track. “Obey” is the tonal partner of “Hollow Truth” on this release, with both tracks swinging between rowdy fist throwing and divinely moreish melody; Architects circa Hollow Crown, Death Of A Dead Day era SikTh. “Prism” and “Suffer” both weigh in with technical flourishes and metal that hits the heart with softer vocals and deliberate structuring. The coalition of calm and chaos is mighty on these two and it stands to reason that anyone listening will pull their “oooft” face at least once. My riff face comes out in the middle section of “Suffer”, right when it gets nasty with panic chords and smashed skins. I like.

Obey was handled in the studio by Justin Hill (ex-SikTh) and it sounds fantastic. Metal of this sort needs fine lines between clarity and crunch and they are toed perfectly. It’s thick as hell. The vocals and high register guitars shine but the heft of the riffs and breakdowns is never lost when things throw down; the mix keeping all your favourite parts loud and proud, kick and snare drum fans. The only problem? You’re gonna want more than the four huge tracks right here.

Obey will be available on all platforms November 2nd, find Hero In Error here for all your social media requirements.


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