EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Stream and Obey The New EP From Hero In Error

It's been a long time since I've watched They Live but I'm sure Rowdy Roddy Piper's character would have proudly played this loud as hell. Hero In Error, back with a refreshed lineup, new music and bigger choruses than you've heard anywhere this side of a Mariah Carey Xmas compilation; ready to play riffs and chew bubblegum but there's no bubblegum so... Riffs. With their brand new EP, Obey, the band punch into the rafters of anthemic, hard hitting metal and we have it streaming for you over the jump. Obey.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Hero In Error Present “The Hollow Truth”

Been sat on this one for awhile now but finally, Hero In Error bring the riffs "The Hollow Truth". Without holding up your first listen to this infectious beast of a track, let it be said that there are a plethora of talented individuals behind it. More names than you can shake sticks made of shit at. For further reading, riffs and role call, please find yourself over the jump and into the carnival below. Did I already say there are riffs?