Winter Ain’t Over: post-engineering’s New Free Comp Is Its Most Grim and Frostbitten Yet

We’re on the record now on multiple occasions spilling our love for the blog post-engineering, both for their posts in general and especially for the massive and free Bandcamp

7 years ago

We’re on the record now on multiple occasions spilling our love for the blog post-engineering, both for their posts in general and especially for the massive and free Bandcamp compilations they’ve put out. After assembling two incredible comps of fantastic post-rock and metal from around the world the past couple of years, founder Nordsee decided to go a slightly different path for the third one. Their newest comp, entitled post​-​engineered vol​.​3 (the winter edition), focuses specifically on the area of post-black metal, going for a much darker and harder-edged angle.

Towering at another imposing 25 tracks over 4 hours, the comp once again excels at highlighting a wide variety of bands exploring different facets of the “post” sound from different parts of the world. As someone with only a passing knowledge of the subgenre, there isn’t a ton here that I’m already familiar with unlike the previous two comps, though I am thrilled to see the inclusion of Latitudes‘ “Body Within A Body,” which was easily one of my favorite tracks of 2016 from one of my top albums of 2016. Just giving a cursory listen to some of these tracks and bands though, I can already tell there’s going to be a lot of new stuff in here I’m going to enjoy.

I asked the humble Nordsee a few questions about the comp and the process of putting these together, and he had this to say:

The first compilation seemed like the logical next step for the blog, after the album presentations, the interviews and the vinyl photos, and its purpose was to promote the bands I like. Of course that helped the blog gain some more fans as well. It was met with great success and it was mindblowing for me, cause I thought that the 200 monthly downloads were enough, but little did I knew…the compilation spread through your site and then to and ended up having 1000 downloads per day. I was really panicked, because people started paying for a compilation that was supposed to be free, and, as I never wanted to earn any money through the blog and the bands’ hard work, I had to act fast and find alternative platforms to upload the tracks and keep the compilation free. Then I refunded as many people as possible and some bands featured on the compilation even donated money to buy download credits on bandcamp. That was really cool and I’m still grateful for that!
The great response (over 52000 plays and 6000 downloads) by both bands and fans to what I’m doing is the reason I keep running this blog and consequently the compilations.

When asked if he has any other subgenres in mind that he’d like to tackle in the future, he said “I don’t think that I’m going to do other genre-focused compilations, even though a screamo / post-hardcore one would be tempting. The thing is that I don’t know enough bands on this genre to make it happen. But never say never….” So if you’ve got good recommendations in this area I guess you know who to send them to!

Mostly he just feels thankful for having the opportunity to put these together for people and to be able to work with so many great bands and artists: “I would also like to thank the all the bands that participated in this compilation and their labels for giving their permission and specially thank the man behind the artworks of the compilations, Kapiller Ferenc, who supports the blog by making these amazing drawings whenever it’s needed!”

The artwork is really awesome, for what it’s worth. Anyway, once again, this is a free compilation, so you would be foolish not to take advantage of that. You can download it on post-engineering’s Bandcamp, or if free downloads run out there, you can also go straight to their website and download mp3 or FLAC versions. Full tracklist is below.

01. BOG – Mére (feat. Josh Wing of Sól) (previously unreleased)
02. Cranial – Towers
03. Suffocate For Fuck Sake – Stina
04. Throane – Un Instant Dans Une Torche
05. Gloson – Cringe
06. Creshna – For All I Know
07. Yanos – II. Denial
08. Allochiria – Counting Fives
09. Sunpocrisy – Eternitarian
10. Anagnorisis – Peripeteia
11. The Osedax – Son Of The Sea
12. Phantom Winter – Black Space
13. Black Table – Helm
14. Echoes Of The Moon – St. Anthony’s Fire
15. Latitudes – Body Within A Body
16. The Fifth Alliance – Your Abyss
17. Sól – Transference
18. Postvorta – Set Them On Fire
19. Tellus Effluentia – Irretrievable
20. They Grieve – The Name Of The Void
21. Anomalie – Vision VII: One With The Soil (feat. Heike Langhans of Draconian)
22. Show Me A Dinosaur – Wojna
23. Raum Kingdom – Grace
24. Thurm – Modern Slavery Exists
25. Hvøsch – Tetiva (Chapter I)

Nick Cusworth

Published 7 years ago