One cannot talk about glitch music without at least giving German electronic project Oval a nod. Before becoming the solo project of Markus Popp (ending with 94 Diskont, strangely enough), Oval was infamous for their methodology—physically damaging CDs and destroying digital audio to extract the skips and distortions created, which were then used to create music. As a result, 94 Diskont is full of clicks and whirrs where said damage was created, and this album in particular is credited with being a pivotal release for glitch music.

Our thoughts on this album were very mixed—although Scott and I both respect the album highly (and Scott just likes it in general), we both viewed the opening twenty-minute track “Do While” as a bit of a a stumble on an otherwise interesting album (mostly due to its size and its rather stagnant use of repetition). Nonetheless, we think that this is an important release, and something that’s definitely worth trying once—just, maybe skip “Do While” when you first listen to it.

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