Get Another 5 Hours Of Post-Rock For Free With Post-Engineering’s 2nd Compilation!

Man, time flies, doesn’t it? I honestly could have sworn it had only been maybe 3 months since I wrote up this post about the excellent blog post-engineering‘s

8 years ago

Man, time flies, doesn’t it? I honestly could have sworn it had only been maybe 3 months since I wrote up this post about the excellent blog post-engineering‘s first ever Bandcamp compilation. That mammoth endeavor included over 4 hours of brilliant music covering a very wide variety of post-rock, post-metal, and other heavily post-influenced sounds. It introduced me to a ton of fantastic bands (one of which even wound up on my year-end list!). It’s in fact been half a year since that was released though, and now post-engineering is back with a brand new comp spanning a whopping 42 tracks over nearly five hours. And just like the last one, it’s 100% free!

01. So Hideous – Yesteryear
02. Vasudeva – Stop Making Yourself Miserable
03. A Swarm Of The Sun – Infants
04. Errata – L’Eperdu Des Astres
05. Our Ceasing Voice – One Of These Nights
06. All We Expected – Flood
07. Adolf Plays The Jazz – Care
08. le_mol – Time To Get Pumped, Robert Pattinson
09. – Muzzle
10. Ranges – If I Were The Devil
11. BOG – The Dead [Fétichisme]
12. SVK – Wormwood (previously unreleased)
13. Telepathy – Cystine Knot
14. Astralia – Mekto
15. Pray For Sound – 23-55
16. cecilia::eyes – Loreta
17. Milanku – L’ineptie De Nos Soucis
18. Shipwrecks – Telescope
19. Outwailed – Dream Walls
20. All These Fallen Trees – Middle-Aged Mutant Financially-Responisble Turtles (Demo) (previously unreleased)
21. Set And Setting – Coping
22. Sleevenotes – Whiskey Dreams
23. Tengil – My Gift To You // The Tunnel At The End Of The Light
24. Amos Val – In the Afternoon a Great Event
25. If These Trees Could Talk – The First Fire
26. Capillaries – Seventy Five Down
27. Audrey Fall – Wolmar
28. Coastlands – Eons (Live in Seattle) (previously unreleased)
29. Cities Of The Plain – Edith Was The Love Of His Life,
30. Cloudkicker – Dovetail
31. Caves Of Steel – Last Citizen Of The USSR (Live at VIVID. A post-rock festival) (previously unreleased)
32. Colaris – Lemuria
33. Our Friend, Surrender – Wrap The Sun Around Your Wounds
34. Release The Long Ships – Rainmaker (previously unreleased)
35. Midas Fall – A Song Built From Scraps Of Paper
36. Spurv – Tre (previously unreleased)
37. Tidings – Mighty Fallen
38. Ashes And Iron – Superstition Drags Us Down
39. Kokomo – Monochrome Noise Love
40. Glaciers – Southwest Of Heaven
41. The White Mega Giant – Pulse Rate
42. -ghost island- – The Last Star’s Light

Also like last time, there’s a pretty solid group of bands featured that we’re already quite big fans of. The whole thing starts off with So Hideous (and you know how we feel about them), features a couple of bands we’ve pegged as the future of post-metal in A Swarm of the Sun and Telepathy, and also includes other veterans of the scene like If These Trees Could Talk, Set and Setting, and Cloudkicker. As for all the bands I’m not familiar with, I’m really looking forward to combing through here and finding some excellent new additions to my library. I’m about halfway through the entire thing now, and I can already tell I need to investigate Adolf Plays the Jazz. You can likely expect a separate Post Rock Post on them sometime not too far in the future.

Of the compilation itself, post-engineering founder Nordsee had this to say.

42 tracks, nearly 5 hours of music! This compilation has been in the making before vol.1 was released and finally I’ve managed to put the whole thing together! I want to thank all the bands who participated in this and their labels for giving permission to use the tracks and their patience! Enjoy and share!
Also the next compilation (vol.3) will focus on post & black metal mostly and I’m searching for a name. Something like “post-engineered vol.3 (blank) edition”. I would appreciate it, if you threw some ideas.

Sounds like excellent news for fans of post-black metal is on the horizon! In the meantime, download and listen the hell out of this comp. You can go to post-engineering’s website for all available download links, including mp3 and FLAC versions through multiple storage sites in case the free Bandcamp downloads run out (which I hear they just about have at the time of this posting!).

Nick Cusworth

Published 8 years ago