Meta-title! How metal of me to be very meta on a metal podcast that’s also pretty meta. This week we have a bunch of news. Either new releases, singles, teasers or whatever from: Inanimate Existence, Darkthrone, Wardruna, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sinsaenum, Lamb of God, Voivod, Shokran, Dark Tranquillity, Thy Catafalque, Riverside, Fit for An Autopsy, The Agonist, Disillusion, Exotype, Native Construct and Serpentine Dominion (Adam D of Killswitch Engage and George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse). By the way, Metallica‘s Black Album is 25 years old now! Also an analysis of how global metal is, Pelagic Records’s starter kit, and a top 10 list of bands from Norway. While on the topic of top 10 lists, we do an impromptu “Top 10 songs that have the desired effect every time”. Or as Eden calls it, “Evergreen songs” or something. Whatever. Then we have our bullshit philosophy corner on Hegelian dialectics and the early metal scene! Finally, we talk about No Man’s Sky in the cool people section. Whew!

43 – I Spent 5 Minutes Trying To Come Up With A Title

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Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN


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  1. Petrus

    Songs that never fail me, alphabetically, because, why not?:

    Beyond Creation – “Coexistence” (especially during the line “feeding your deadliest thoughts…)
    Bloodbath – “Cry My Name” (that guitar melody during the chorus…)
    Carcass – “Heartwork” (I’m 40… when this album came out metal was in a very sad place… thrash was dying, death was saturated, black metal was formulaic and it was grunge or gtfo, with nu-metal soon to arrive, this album was a lifeline and resonates with me still; no to mention the influence this had on what would become melodeath
    Death – “Painkiller”
    Fear Factory – “Self-Immolation” (short, sweet, groovy and energetic)
    Gojira – “Vacuity”
    Iron Maiden – “Flight of Icarus” (that chorus)
    Katatonia – “Dispossession”
    Leprous – “Rewind” (I could have picked any Leprous song really, but “Rewind” always gets me going)
    Meshuggah – “Break Those Bones…” (just… so… heavy….)
    Ne Obliviscaris – “And Plague Flowers….”
    Opeth – “Ghost of Perdition” (best opening song/intro to a metal album ever?)
    Sepultura – “Refuse/Resist” (the quintessential soundtrack to throwing rocks at tanks)
    Slayer – “Disciple”
    Strapping Young Lad – “Love?” (Devin fuckin’ Townsend… the song sounds like it’s trying to escape from the speakers, so epic)
    Walking Corpse Syndrome – “Angel Flesh”

    Great podcast, sorry for the longish comment! m/

    • Nayon

      Your list is very close to songs that almost made the cut for me! Namely:
      Leprous: Forced Entry
      Death: Scavenger of Human Sorrow
      SYL: Wrong Side
      Opeth: Coil + Heir Apparent

    • karlo

      Beyond Creation, Death, Leprous and NeO choices are on fucking point – nice work mate

  2. karlo

    IN WAAAAAAAAAVES is a great track, i love it and agree with what you say about it. that, black and strife are the 3 trivium songs which get me excited the most, even though none of them are their best song/on shogun

    overall you guys both listed some really great tracks. some of my own would include:

    Slipknot – “Sic” (my go-to angry song)
    Caligula’s Horse – “Turntail” (when i need to smile)
    Gojira – “Flying Whales” (it’s flying fucking whales)
    Alkaloid – “Cthulhu” (when you want crushing grooves and abyssal darkness)
    Eye of the Enemy – “The Oath” (another go-to angry song, also an anti-depressant)
    Karnivool – “Fear of the Sky”
    Machinehead – “Imperium”
    NeO – “plague” (it’s NeO, of course they’re on my list)
    TesseracT – “Of matter” (i’m ready to cry)

    nice work recapping the lists (Y)

    bullshit philosophy corner went well. i think the metal example works perfectly with power metal, but the death metal example seemed super shoe-horned in there

  3. internet

    Wow. Keep talking
    about Inanimate Existence and scientific discoveries, maybe it’ll
    increase your I.Q. enough to realize you’re a complete failure as a
    journalist. You could have a fresh start with a new profession if only you were just a bit more intelligent. What a shame. This site is just a metal injection 2.0,
    blabbermouth, the circle pit ripoff. why can’t you
    come up with your own ideas instead of just being just another shitty metal tabloid?

    • Nayon

      Hey Joel from Inanimate Existence, maybe the next time you want to provide criticism to people politely on facebook and then anonymously shit talk them on the blog, maybe don’t comment with your email address that is literally just your name?

      If you wanna talk, we can talk. We don’t hate the music. We criticize because we care. Hit us up and we’ll work this out.


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