This week we have a great interview! If you haven’t heard of Cyborg Octopus, you should! Check out my review here. David Wu, the man who is behind 90% of the curtain joins us to talk about the process of song writing, progressive metal, creativity and much more. One of the best interviews we’ve had! After that, we go into some unfortunate news, then some fortunate news. We talk about at the unfortunate suicide of Adam Young. Then, new music from Black Crown Initiate, Mephistopheles, Revocation, Vale of Pnath, AstronoidHannes Grossmann (Indiegogo here), AbiogenesisEximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum and Despised Icon. We then discuss further displays of racism by Phil Anselmo, and dive into some of the more problematic side of black metal fandom, including how to talk about Filosofem by Burzum. Finally, we talk about an interesting cover of The Trooper by Iron Maiden, and a shameful turnout at Download Festival for Periphery (pic after the cut). Enjoy!

Episode 34 – The Hunger ft. David Wu Of Cyborg Octopus

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Show notes:

Intro/Outro – Aftermath/Closure, Just as Planned by NYN

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  1. MelbCro

    Don’t know if you actually follow football Noyan but feel the burn mate, Turkey in Croatians shadow as it should be lol. Anyway look forward to listening to this, loved the cyborg octopus album. Wouldn’t have been on my radar if wasn’t for your glowing review.

    • karlo

      it was definitely a nice change up from 2008, that’s for damned sure!

      re the podcast though, this is legit my favourite episode so far and im only a third of the way through. the interview was by far the best thing you’ve ever had, david was really insightful, articulate and strong in his statements – often coming up with interesting perspectives which are quite different from those i generally find. please make him a recurring voice


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